Ricardo G. Abad, Ph. D.

Faculty - Ricky Abad


Ricky Abad completed his doctorate in sociology at Fordham University, New York, in 1975 on a Fulbright-Hays grant, and soon after came to teach at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Ateneo de Manila University and to work as a Research Associate, two years later director, of the Institute of Philippine Culture (IPC).

In 1979, while still serving as IPC director, he began his eight-year term as Chairman of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology where he was instrumental in overseeing the opening of three programs: the Bachelor of Arts major in the Social Sciences (1979), and the Professional Social Science Program for Southeast Asian Students (1986) and the Master of Arts in Social Development (1987). In 1981, he was elected President of the Philippine Sociological Society, and appointed editor of the Philippine Sociological Review for the 1981 to 1990 issues. Since then, he has also been associate editor of Philippine Studies and editor of the social science edition of the Loyola Schools Review. In 1994, he became a senior fellow (and for the past three years, board member) of the Social Weather Stations (SWS), taking special interest in the SWS’ annual surveys with the International Social Survey Program as the data base for his writings on religion, social inequality, and social relations as well as a data source for his classes in statistics and quantitative methods. His teaching achievements have been recognized by two prizes: the Most Outstanding Senior Lay Teacher Award given by the Association of Parents of Ateneo College Students (1993), and the Most Outstanding Teacher Award granted by the Metrobank Foundation (2001).

Alongside this sociological enterprise lies Ricky Abad’s work in the theater. He has been moderator and artistic director, since 1984, of Tanghalang Ateneo, the college theater company, where he has directed and acted in over 80 productions, and twice awarded for his work as Outstanding Moderator in the University’s Service and Excellence awards (1991, 1999). He has also directed and acted for professional companies like Teatro Pilipino and Tanghalang Pilipino of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and the Metropolitan Theater Guild. Many of his theater productions interrogate classics of western drama in terms of a Filipino and Asian sensibility, as will be seen in his forthcoming production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. He also helped to establish the Fine Arts Program of the Loyola Schools (2000), becoming its first Director and continuing to serve as Coordinator of Theater Arts. He also uses theater techniques as the basis for workshops in presentation skills for students, teachers, and professionals in corporate settings. But his home base remains with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology where Professor Abad, in addition to teaching, is presently doing research on social capital and writing a book on introductory sociology. His recent work, The Asian Face of Globalization (2004), assembles papers on ways in which global and local forces reconstruct identities, institutions, and resources in five Asian countries.

Areas of Interest: 

Survey research, statistics, quantitative methods, and performance studies


Academic Background: 

Sociology, Fordham University
Coordinator of Theater Arts, Fine Arts Program, ADMU


Recent Publications since 2000

Academic Works

  • "Aspects of Social Capital in the Philippines," SWS Occasional Papers, Forthcoming 2005.
  • "Appropriating Shakespeare: Some Philippine Examples," Paper presented at the Performance Studeis International Conference No. 11, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, March 29-April 3, 2005
  • "The Fetish for Grades," Lessons. Makati: NOTED and Metrobank Foundation, 2004.
  • "Globalization and Reflexivity among Asian Intellectuals," in The Asian Face of Globalization: Reconstructing Identities, Instituitions, and Resources, ed. by Ricardo G. Abad, Kuala Lumpur: IKMAS and the Nippon Foundation, 2004.
  • "The Minstrel, the Crusader, and the Monk: Three Images of a Teaching Life," Paper submitted for the Faculty Colloquium, Office of Mission and Identity, Ateneo de Manila University, August 2003.
  • "Filipino Views on Income Inequality and Social Mobility,"Loyola Schools Review (Social Science edition) 2:1 (2002). Pp. 63-96 .Reprinted by the Social Weather Stations as part of the SWS Occasional Paper series, August 2003.
  • "Religion in the Philippines: The 1991 and 1998 SWS/ISSP Surveys," Philippine Studies, (Third Quarter, October 2001). Reprinted by the Social Weather Stations as part of the SWS Occasional Paper series, August 2003
  • "A Postcolonial View of Shakespeare's Shrew," Loyola Schools Review (Humanities Edition) 2:1 (2002). Pp. 1-24.. A revised version of the paper prepared for the conference "Shakespeare and the New Asias," National University of Singapore, April 2002. Pp. 1-24.
  • "The Fires of Excellence," in Student Learning Strategies, ed. by Rodolfo T. Ang and others. Quezon City: Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University, 2001.
  • Book Review of "Filipino Public Images" by Neils Mudler, Loyola Schools Review, (Social Science edition).1:1(2001).
  • "Weapons of the Strong, Weapons of the Weak/ The Sociology of Political Jokes," Sunday Inqurier Magazine, April 2001.
  • "Social Networks: An Overview of Philippine Studies, " Paper prepared for the Annual Meeting of the International Social Survey Programme, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2000.
  • "The Culture of Congestion," Sunday Inquirer Magazine, January 2000.

Creative Work

Selected Essays

  • "Acting Lessons from Rolando and Ella," in Love of Acting, edited by Anna Valdes-Lim. Forthcoming in 2005.
  • "The Practical Importance of Doing Theater," The Manila Bulletin, July 15, 2004.
  • "A Midsummer Fiesta," Director's Notes for A Midsummer Night\'s Dream," Metropolitan Theater Guild, July 2004.
  • "Closing with the Enemy" Director's Notes for An Enemy of the People, Tanghalang Ateneo, January 2004.
  • "The Social Significance of El Burlador de Sevilla," Director's Notes for Don Juan: Ang Babero ng Sevilla, Tanghalang Ateneo, November 2003.
  • "Shakespeare and the Taming of the Filipino," Director's Notes for Ang Pagpapaamo sa Maldita, Tanghalang Ateneo, January 2002.
  • "The Certainties of the Heart," Director's Notes for La Vida es Sueno, Tanghalang Ateneo, July 2001.
  • "The Descent of Ascendancy," Director's Notes for Santa Juana ng mga Kural, Tanghalang Ateneo, November 2000.
  • "The Mistress and Miss Saigon," Director's Notes for Mistress of the Inn, Tanghalang Ateneo, September 2000
  • "The Shame of Miss Saigon," Sunday Inquirer Magazine, 14 August 2000.
  • "Sweet Sour Shakespeare, " Director's Notes for Twelfth Night, Tanghalang Ateneo, July 2000.
  • "Salzburg, Shakespeare and the Filpino," The Philippine Star, June 2000
  • "The Tenor's Truth," Program Director's Notes for The Tenor, Fine Arts Program and Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, March 2000.
  • "Passing the Torch," Moderator's Notes for Artenista, Tanghalang Ateneo, January 2000.

Theater Productions


  • William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night: Kung Ano\'ng Ibigin, trans. By Rolando Tinio, Tanghalang Ateneo.
  • Carlo Goldoni, The Mistress of the Inn, Tanghalang Ateneo
  • Bertolt Brecht, Santa Juana ng mga Kural, trans. By Virgilio Almario and Ronan Capinding, Tanghalang Ateneo.


  • Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Ang Buhay ay Isang Panaginip (La Vida Es Sueño), trans. by Ony de Leon, Tanghalang Ateneo, the Embassy of Spain and the Program for Cultural Cooperation
  • Carlo Goldoni, Mirandolina, trans. by Rolando S. Tinio, Tanghalang Ateneo
  • William Shakespeare, Ang Pagpapaamo ng Maldita (The Taming of the Shrew), trans. by Ronan Borja Capinding, Tanghalang Ateneo.


  • Ony de Leon, Ang Bagong Damit ng Dakilang Bahaghari,. An adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen\'s "The Emperor\'s New Clothes,". Bulwagang Bughaw and Tanghalang Ateneo
  • Carlo Goldoni, Mistress of the Inn, restaged for Bulwagang Bughaw


  • Ony de Leon, Ang Bagong Damit ng Dakilang Bahaghari,. An adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen\'s "The Emperor\'s New Clothes,". Restaged for Bulwagang Bughaw
  • Carlo Goldoni, Mistress of the Inn, restaged for Bulwagang Bughaw
  • Tirso de Molina, Don Juan: Ang Babaero ng Sevilla. Translated from "El Burlador de Sevilla y Convidado de Piedra," by Salvador Malig, Tanghalang Ateneo and the Program for Cultural Cooperation.


  • Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People. Adapted by Arthur Miller. Tanghalang Ateneo, January and July 2004
  • William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night\'s Dream, Metropolitan Theater Guild Foundation, July-Sept 2004
  • J.B. Capino, Lam-ang, A Musical based on the Ilocano Epic Tanghalang Ateneo, November 2004.


  • William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Metropolitan Theater Guild, November 2005.



2nd Semester, SY 2010 - 2011:
SA 21. Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology
SA 199.11 / SA 240.34 / FA 190.4. Presentational Skills in the Social Sciences