A new firm says they can fix erection issues with a single pill

Men at their young ages are full of energy, you feel like you can do everything and you feel like you are at your prime, but… A lot of problems start when you reach your middle ages and you no longer feel like being in your prime, Moreover, many men also start to experience different kinds of sexual problems and issues long before their middle or old ages.

If you are one of those men, or you simply don’t want to have any sexual problems and issues in your life, then you gotta try a new product that is created especially for man to help them keep their sexual health always in prime, always have maximum sexual potential and the best performance. The new product is from a new firm that aims to change the game forever with its top quality product max performer rating that is a simple pill, created to bring huge improvements in men’s sexual life.

While we have seen many different pills in the past, with some being absolutely waste of time & money and some being something useful or even essential for some men, these new pills are promising much more than other pills available on the market, for a better price and no critical downsides. Well, the promises look really good but to understand how realistic it actually can be, we have to better explore the product – how it is made, what it is supposed to do and how it will affect your body and sexual health.

How these new pills are made?!

The first thing we are going to explore is the ingredients of these pills, how they are actually made and how safe it can be for your body.

According to official company’s website that creates and sells those pills, each pill available in the package is made by combining different herbals, vitamins and minerals, so each ingredient is 100% natural and strictly controlled for high quality. As each component of each pill is 100% natural mineral or vitamin, your body should be receiving each of those vitamins and minerals naturally from food, drinks and other consumption products. This proves that each of these components are naturally safe for your body, but… if you receive each of them naturally, then what is the use of these pills?! You may ask…

Well, even thought your body naturally receives all of these vitamins & minerals, the amount you receive it is too tiny and usually not enough for good sexual processes, so you suffer from lack of them and so your sexual potential…

What effects these new pills will have?

Now that you know it is natural you can stop worrying about it being some chemical scary product, but what it will actually do to your body? What will be the effects you are going to get by using that pills? Do they actually worth your precious time and your hard earned money? Or it will be another time waster that will just cost you time and money? To answer that questions, again we have to take a look at company’s website and what they offer.

According to them, those pills will full up your body with necessary vitamins, minerals and other components that are required by your body to smoothly run processes, needed for a healthy sex and erections.

Those pills will give your body minerals that are needed for sperm generation, plus they will improve blood circulation and flow in your body. In result, you get timely erections and some increase in your penis’ width and height.

Another effect that these pills are supposed to give you is a blast of energy. They will recharge your body with a lot of energy which will last for whole day and will help you to feel rested, recharged and active. In result, you will always be ready to go, you will never have to stop sex because you feel too tired, exhausted and empty.

With all that, you can be always confident with women, never feel any need to hold yourself.

But there is one more question remaining to answer…

How these new pills will affect your sexual health

As each of these pills are strictly controlled for top quality and are made by natural components, you know they are safe, but even more, they also have zero side effects! You will not feel bad or have any issues after taking these pills, you will just get a lot of improvements in your sexual health

You will not notice much effects instantly as these pills are not instant boosters, but after some time of use you’ll feel your body getting more ready for sex and your sexual potential growing rapidly.…

Ambivert – Balance Of Introverts And Extroverts Features

In modern days, you will often hear about people being categorized into three major categories: introverts, extroverts and ambiverts. There is much truth in sayings about ambivert people, sayings, like there are many advantages of being an ambivert, however many other common ideas, are usually far from being the truth.

Unfortunately, many people talk about these topics, people who have no idea of what they are talking about or simply don’t understand the subject deep enough. Because of such people, there are many wrong ideas like being an introvert is a bad thing or being an extrovert is a good thing, or vice versa, or not even being any of them…

To actually understand, why being an introvert or being an extrovert is not simply a bad or a good thing, you need to understand what being an introvert or being an extrovert really means, what are differences, advantages & disadvantages.

Introverts – key features

While each person is special, each with their own personalities, skills, beliefs and habits, all people who fall in the introverts group have similar key features that identify them.

  • Introverts hate noise and being in a noisy place for a long time. They prefer calm place, or preferably a completely silent place where you can hear the voice of your internal self – your Unconscious Mind.
  • Introverts like spending time alone, having deep thinking and fun with loneliness rather than going to a party, joining huge events or being with a lot of strangers.
    Being the first guy to introduce his/her self is not the style of an introvert, it even makes him/her less comfortable.
  • Introverts easily get tired by too much noise and activities around them, not eager to be the one who planes the event and actively joins it. They can’t refill energy that way – instead, they regenerate energy and balance emotions by being alone in a calm environment.
  • Introverts are good leaders, they are a good fit to lead a big company or organization, they can easily get it done all by themselves. But… Introverts are not very good to work in a office full of people and buzz, not good in a direct team playing, maybe an online team work is a better fit.
  • Introverts are more open and less shy when they are online, behind a computer or smartphone, they feel less open and confident in a live meetings.

Extroverts – key features

Now let’s talk about a very different group of people – extroverts. People who also have their own differences as a single persons but still many similarities as extroverts.

  • Extroverts absolutely love being a part of a huge event or a party, they like being around a lot of people, even if those people are strangers. They feel comfortable in a noisy place, they feel the life there and they recharge their energy and emotions in such an environment.
  • Extroverts are usually very open, sometimes just too much open. They can even tell whole stories to people they just meet. Being shy or closed is not like them.
  • Extroverts tend to have a lot of friends, they don’t necessarily know each of them very well but still feel very comfortable with them. Because of their high socialization, they easily find a lot of friends.
  • Extroverts love to meet new people, they are usually the first ones to start a conversation and has not any problem to keep it going. Being alone with a lot of unknown people is not a problem for an extrovert, he/she will soon find a new friend.

Ambivert – why it is a good thing?

While being an extrovert looks good for many people and it looks the best way to go, being a pure, hounded percent extrovert is actually very bad.

What about introverts? While being an introvert is not a bad thing, being a pure, hundred percent introvert is also a very bad thing.

You may ask, then which is good? Introvert and extrovert are too extreme sides you don’t want to be on, instead, you want to pick some features for both of them, balance both of them, be in the middle, in the golden ratio where you are not too open or too shy, too happy or too sad…

Being an ambivert is exactly that golden ratio, being extremely introvert or extremely extrovert will drive you crazy, while ambivert people are more balanced, with features from both and with ordinary sense of feelings and fun. That’s why it is good to be an ambivert.

Is Sex Really Important In Relationships?

We all know how important a relationship can be in human’s life and how important sex is in human’s life, but what is the importance of sex in life? Is it essential and important every relationship or is it just too much overrated and not actually important? Should you even care about it?

To answer this question, we have to explore a relationship at first. A relationship is a connection between two persons in which both sides are connected with one another in some way, in our case connected by love & related feelings. Every relationship starts somewhere and goes to some point, we will have to explore that stages of relationship to understand where sex is involved and how important it can be.

Basic stages in a relationship

Always, every relationship starts with interest from one side for the other side, or in rare cases interest from both sides for each other at the same time. When this interest grows and becomes bigger & bigger in a positive way, it turns into liking that person. This can be labeled as second early stage.

The third stage is when your like grows even bigger and evolves into something more, something like an addiction. One person becomes addicted to another and starts to care about him or her more and more, sometimes even more than his or her own self. That is still an early stage but one’s feelings are already strong.

The fourth stage is when addicted person starts to work on the person he/she likes. An addicted person tries to introduce his/her self better to that person who he/she is addicted to, tries to make that person interested in him/her and finally turn that one into his/her own lover. That is one of the hardest parts where many fail and reason why many relationships end before they even begin.

The fifth stage is once the addicted person shows his/her feelings to the one he/she is addicted to, stage where both of them has to think and make their decision – continue their life as a couple or continue their life as single persons.

The sixth stage is when these two persons, both made their decision to be together, to continue their life as a couple and finally start dating each other. This stage can go on for weeks, months or sometimes for even years until it will evolve to next required stage.

The seventh stage is when these two person’s relationship got closer enough for them to have a closer physical relationship – sex. This is the closest stage any relationship can get without the final stage…

The eighth and final stage – marriage & living together, hopefully forever. In this stage the two persons are very close to each other, so close that they even decided to spend the remaining time together.

As we see, a complete, healthy relationship must comes to a point where sex is part of it and required for evolving further. So, to put it simple, sex is required in every relationship and it is very important – it is necessary part of it.But may not be required right now, depending on current stage.

When it is time for sex in a relationship?

Now the question is, when you should have sex,at what stage of a relationship?

Aside from health benefits of sex which makes it necessary for every human, it is also very important overall factor of a relationship, but may not be really required for your relationship’s current stage and in some cases, may be even bad for it.

If your relationship is just getting started or you are already on the sixth level where dating is just a new thing, then there really is no need to have sex already, you can wait to get closer to your partner, closer enough to be 100% open and comfortable around him/her. It may be even bad for your relationship as sex with your partner will never be good enough until you will be 100% open, confident and comfortable to be around him/her and talk about anything, even about sensitive topics such as sex.

If you are on the stage sixth for a long time and alreadya dating is an usual thing, if you already feel like your partner is also your close friend, if you both feel comfortable when talking about sensitive topics, then probably it is a good time to have sex. Just like being too hasty, also being too late is not good thing as the importance of sex in relationship is huge and it effects how it goes.

Spotting People With Social Anxiety Disorder

There are many different diseases, including physical diseases and mental diseases, diseases that cause many problems & issues in our lives. One of such disease which is quite common but hard to encounter is a social disorder – a mental disease that causes people to lose confidence and have fear for simple life events. Just like every disease, this one also has some symptoms, some social anxiety traits that will help you to identify this disease and people having it.

To find out people with social anxiety, you need to look at several factors, analyze one’s actions and social behaviour. After that, you will be able to detect whenever this person has a social anxiety disorder or it is just some shyness and lack of openness.

How to detect whenever a person has Social Anxiety Disorder

The first thing you will need to learn to differentiate people with Social Anxiety from regular people is to look at their behaviours and actions with people they don’t know. Of course, some people are a bit shyer and closed while others feel very confident and open even with strangers, but people who have some kind of social phobia are just too shy, feel scared to talk with people they don’t know very well & closely.

You have to find a fine line between real shyness and social anxiety if you actually want not to confuse shy people with ones who are just shy. For example, it is totally fine to feel shy with people who you have a crush on or to feel shy on a first date (or several first dates). Many people also tend to be less open with people who they have never met before, feel less confident and a bit shy with strangers.
Also, many kids usually feel shy with adults and often feel too shy with a lot of adult strangers around.

All of that above is perfectly fine in most cases and does not shows any real signs of Social Anxiety Disorder.

But if you noticed the symptoms listed below, then there are good chances that the person you are taking a look at has some kind of social anxiety.

Fear of attention

People with Social Anxiety are often afraid of being at the center of attention, they are always avoiding to attract too much attention. Of course, it is normal to worry a bit before hosting a show or being a speaker in front of thousands, but being very afraid to speak in your friends’ meeting or in your class is usually a sign of social anxiety.

Avoiding meeting new people because of fear

If someone is always trying to avoid communication with strangers and can’t start a conversation with new people, there are good chances that this person has some sort of social anxiety. It is normal to feel a bit shy with strangers, but no one should be always afraid to communicate.

Fear of judging from others

There is nothing wrong if someone cares about what other people think about him/her, after all, he/she doesn’t live alone on earth, but it is wrong and not ok to take it too far.
If someone is concerned about what others will think and say just too much, if someone fears to do anything because of other random people’s judgments, then this person has social anxiety.

Fear of others noticing you feel uncomfortable

It is also common that people with social anxiety worry that other people will notice he/she is nervous and is not feeling comfortable in a certain place of situation. This feel in a specific situation is usually fine, but worrying too much about it in most places and situations is usually a sign of social fears and anxiety.

Fear of worst

If someone is always afraid of the worst, turning even a little issue into a huge problem, then most likely this person has social anxiety. It is not normal nor good to think each time that the worst possible option is going to happen.

Fear of physical signs of fear

People with social anxiety usually worry about their physical signs that may prove they are worrying, feel fear and feel less confident. If someone often gets sweaty, starts shaking or trembling, sounds shaky and after all tries hard to hide all that, most likely this person has social anxiety.

As you see most social anxiety traits are based on pure fear and shyness, while both of them are common in all humans at some rate, having too much of both usually means social anxiety disorder.

Introverts- What You Need To Know About Them

Nowadays, you often hear words like introvert and extrovert, a lot of people talk about it and there is a lot of buzz going around about someone being an introvert or an extrovert, however social introvert definition is very wrong and many people miss some very important points.

Before you start labeling yourself as an introvert and start thinking that you are in that way because you belong to that group, that you can’t change it because you are born that way and you need to do certain things because of being introvert, it is better to understand what introvert actually is and what it means to be an introvert.

Many people think that being an introvert is a bad thing, most of people don’t know what being a hundred percent introvert actually means and why this may be a good thing or a bad thing.
If you think that an introvert must be shy, close minded person with lack of socialization skills and sense of humor, you are very wrong…

First of all, being an introvert is not a bad thing, being a hundred percent introvert is a bad thing, just like being a hundred percent extrovert is also an awful thing.

Introverts are people who care about their inside world, their inside feelings way more than they care about external world and external activities. They prefer to spend more time alone, thinking deeply about their feelings & life than handing out with friends and joining events, full of people they don’t know.
Usually, introverts easily get tired of big events, parties, meetings and places full of a lot different people who introvert does not know closely… However, this does not means that introverts are always alone or hate to be in a party…

Even a hard introvert may enjoy a big party full of noise and people, the thing is, introverts tend to like events way more where there is no much noise and a lot of unknow people. They prefer handing out with some of close friends in a calm environment than joining a noisy party with a lot people who an introvert does not know very well.
Also, while an introvert usually is not a kind of a guy who often joins big events, he/she may still love being a part of a big events, just rarely, not often. Being on parties & events every day, week or just too often quickly drains introvert and leaves exhausted, while in contrast, daily parties & events are energy source for extroverts.

Another key factor to identify an introvert – while most people love drinking a lot of coffee, while a lot of people refill their daily dose of energy with caffeine, introverts just can’t get much gain from drinking coffee and if they try to drink too much coffee in a short time, instead of energy boost they get energy drain. The best way for an introvert to gain energy is, being alone, calmly, with their selves & thoughts.

Introverts also don’t usually have a lot of friends. Instead, they prefer to have several but really close friends who they can trust and share everything with… but introverts usually hardly share much things with even close friends or family members, they like to keep all things inside.

While it is not necessary for introverts to be always alone and while they usually don’t want to be always alone, spending few hours per day with their selves is a requirement for a typical introvert.This also affects to introvert’s job & career – a typical introvert will be way more productive in a solo job than in a team job -good lone wolf, bad team player.

Why it is bad to be 100% introvert

People often get confused, if being an introvert is not a bad thing, then why it is bad to be 100%, pure introvert? Well, most of people, fortunately, are not either full introvert or full extrovert, because being all in introvert or all in extrovert would defiantly drive you crazy. Instead, most people pick some from both – introverts and extroverts. Most likely, you are also a middle person with some of being a bit more of an introvert or an extrovert.

While social introvert definition is usually wrong and out of point, one part is right: it is a bad thing to be an introvert, only if you are 100% introvert.