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Social Interaction – Introverts vs Extroverts

Decades ago Carl Gustav Jung presented two new terms to the world and since then these two terms has been widely popular among people of all ages, genders and nations. Those terms that Carl Jung introduced to the world are introvert and extrovert, two extreme sides of human personalities.

People often like to classify themselves or other people into these two groups of introverts and extroverts, label someone based on his/her personality, explain someone’s actions because of him/her being an introvert or extrovert… These two terms become very popular way to categorize and classify people, however it is really rare to find someone who perfectly fits into only one of this.

You may take a lot of tests, hear other people’s opinion that you are an introvert or an extrovert, but you will never know which one you are if you don’t understand the differences and similarities between introverts and extroverts well enough, so here is a decent explanation of both of them.

How to identify introverts

Often, you will hear a lot of wrong ideas about introverts, there is a lot of wrong points in typical social introvert definition like introverts being very shy of they being very non friendly people.

In reality, an introvert can also be very open, feeling comfortable with other people, not felling shy and being very friendly. The thing is, they usually like spending time with their self, alone… Of course, introverts also hang out with friends or join parties, like extroverts and all people, but unlike extroverts, introverts prefer to keep the number of their friendly meetings low and don’t join parties every day.
Introverts like to spend some time alone, several hours of loneliness per day is their usual habit which they hardly break.

Introverts also can’t be focused or productive in a noisy environment, even if that noise is a nice music. They prefer calm environment and quietness over live, fresh place full of sounds and life feel.

Introverts also prefer not to share their thoughts with other people, they like to keep all inside and hidden from everyone, instead of discussing everything with friends. They are not necessarily shy but as introverts are less open to others, they tend to be a bit shy and closed.

A lot of friends also is not common for a typical introvert, they prefer to have few but real, very close friends instead of having a lot of friends including ones who aren’t much close.

How to identify extroverts

On the other hand, extroverts are guys who are open, all about being in the middle of actions, absolute opposite to introverts. Unlike introverts, extroverts don’t feel well when being alone, they easily get bored and can’t help themselves without a good socialization.

Extroverts love to go out with friends, join parties, events, clubs, meetings and every place where they can get their dose of socialization. They never feel shy or bad, even if their friends are not around, a typical extrovert can easily start a conversation with strangers and keep it going for as long as needed, they usually have great skills of communication.

It should not be any surprise that extroverts tend to have a lot of friends, after all, they are so active guys with so good communication skills. They love to meet new people and start conversations with strangers, they love to talk and feel more organized by speeching out everything.

Extroverts also feel less nervous in live meetings unlike introverts, who prefer online communications way more than any live conversation. For their love of attention and socialization, extroverts are best performers in team works while they lack solo working skills, they even hate doing anything alone.

Versus – which one is better

Now finally it is time to decide which one you are and which one is better…

Chances are you found similarities with both, introvert people and extrovert people, so which one you actually are? The truth is, most people are neither, not introvert nor extrovert. If you found similarities with both, then defiantly you belong to ambivert people, where most of people fall and that’s good.

You might be a bit more introvert than extrovert or vice versa, but being very introvert or very extrovert is not good as each of them are two different extreme sides and each of them lack a lot of necessary skills and features. But being in the middle, being an ambivert is good as it has both of it balanced.