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Ambivert – Balance Of Introverts And Extroverts Features

In modern days, you will often hear about people being categorized into three major categories: introverts, extroverts and ambiverts. There is much truth in sayings about ambivert people, sayings, like there are many advantages of being an ambivert, however many other common ideas, are usually far from being the truth.

Unfortunately, many people talk about these topics, people who have no idea of what they are talking about or simply don’t understand the subject deep enough. Because of such people, there are many wrong ideas like being an introvert is a bad thing or being an extrovert is a good thing, or vice versa, or not even being any of them…

To actually understand, why being an introvert or being an extrovert is not simply a bad or a good thing, you need to understand what being an introvert or being an extrovert really means, what are differences, advantages & disadvantages.

Introverts – key features

While each person is special, each with their own personalities, skills, beliefs and habits, all people who fall in the introverts group have similar key features that identify them.

  • Introverts hate noise and being in a noisy place for a long time. They prefer calm place, or preferably a completely silent place where you can hear the voice of your internal self – your Unconscious Mind.
  • Introverts like spending time alone, having deep thinking and fun with loneliness rather than going to a party, joining huge events or being with a lot of strangers.
    Being the first guy to introduce his/her self is not the style of an introvert, it even makes him/her less comfortable.
  • Introverts easily get tired by too much noise and activities around them, not eager to be the one who planes the event and actively joins it. They can’t refill energy that way – instead, they regenerate energy and balance emotions by being alone in a calm environment.
  • Introverts are good leaders, they are a good fit to lead a big company or organization, they can easily get it done all by themselves. But… Introverts are not very good to work in a office full of people and buzz, not good in a direct team playing, maybe an online team work is a better fit.
  • Introverts are more open and less shy when they are online, behind a computer or smartphone, they feel less open and confident in a live meetings.

Extroverts – key features

Now let’s talk about a very different group of people – extroverts. People who also have their own differences as a single persons but still many similarities as extroverts.

  • Extroverts absolutely love being a part of a huge event or a party, they like being around a lot of people, even if those people are strangers. They feel comfortable in a noisy place, they feel the life there and they recharge their energy and emotions in such an environment.
  • Extroverts are usually very open, sometimes just too much open. They can even tell whole stories to people they just meet. Being shy or closed is not like them.
  • Extroverts tend to have a lot of friends, they don’t necessarily know each of them very well but still feel very comfortable with them. Because of their high socialization, they easily find a lot of friends.
  • Extroverts love to meet new people, they are usually the first ones to start a conversation and has not any problem to keep it going. Being alone with a lot of unknown people is not a problem for an extrovert, he/she will soon find a new friend.

Ambivert – why it is a good thing?

While being an extrovert looks good for many people and it looks the best way to go, being a pure, hounded percent extrovert is actually very bad.

What about introverts? While being an introvert is not a bad thing, being a pure, hundred percent introvert is also a very bad thing.

You may ask, then which is good? Introvert and extrovert are too extreme sides you don’t want to be on, instead, you want to pick some features for both of them, balance both of them, be in the middle, in the golden ratio where you are not too open or too shy, too happy or too sad…

Being an ambivert is exactly that golden ratio, being extremely introvert or extremely extrovert will drive you crazy, while ambivert people are more balanced, with features from both and with ordinary sense of feelings and fun. That’s why it is good to be an ambivert.

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