Introverts- What You Need To Know About Them

Nowadays, you often hear words like introvert and extrovert, a lot of people talk about it and there is a lot of buzz going around about someone being an introvert or an extrovert, however social introvert definition is very wrong and many people miss some very important points.

Before you start labeling yourself as an introvert and start thinking that you are in that way because you belong to that group, that you can’t change it because you are born that way and you need to do certain things because of being introvert, it is better to understand what introvert actually is and what it means to be an introvert.

Many people think that being an introvert is a bad thing, most of people don’t know what being a hundred percent introvert actually means and why this may be a good thing or a bad thing.
If you think that an introvert must be shy, close minded person with lack of socialization skills and sense of humor, you are very wrong…

First of all, being an introvert is not a bad thing, being a hundred percent introvert is a bad thing, just like being a hundred percent extrovert is also an awful thing.

Introverts are people who care about their inside world, their inside feelings way more than they care about external world and external activities. They prefer to spend more time alone, thinking deeply about their feelings & life than handing out with friends and joining events, full of people they don’t know.
Usually, introverts easily get tired of big events, parties, meetings and places full of a lot different people who introvert does not know closely… However, this does not means that introverts are always alone or hate to be in a party…

Even a hard introvert may enjoy a big party full of noise and people, the thing is, introverts tend to like events way more where there is no much noise and a lot of unknow people. They prefer handing out with some of close friends in a calm environment than joining a noisy party with a lot people who an introvert does not know very well.
Also, while an introvert usually is not a kind of a guy who often joins big events, he/she may still love being a part of a big events, just rarely, not often. Being on parties & events every day, week or just too often quickly drains introvert and leaves exhausted, while in contrast, daily parties & events are energy source for extroverts.

Another key factor to identify an introvert – while most people love drinking a lot of coffee, while a lot of people refill their daily dose of energy with caffeine, introverts just can’t get much gain from drinking coffee and if they try to drink too much coffee in a short time, instead of energy boost they get energy drain. The best way for an introvert to gain energy is, being alone, calmly, with their selves & thoughts.

Introverts also don’t usually have a lot of friends. Instead, they prefer to have several but really close friends who they can trust and share everything with… but introverts usually hardly share much things with even close friends or family members, they like to keep all things inside.

While it is not necessary for introverts to be always alone and while they usually don’t want to be always alone, spending few hours per day with their selves is a requirement for a typical introvert.This also affects to introvert’s job & career – a typical introvert will be way more productive in a solo job than in a team job -good lone wolf, bad team player.

Why it is bad to be 100% introvert

People often get confused, if being an introvert is not a bad thing, then why it is bad to be 100%, pure introvert? Well, most of people, fortunately, are not either full introvert or full extrovert, because being all in introvert or all in extrovert would defiantly drive you crazy. Instead, most people pick some from both – introverts and extroverts. Most likely, you are also a middle person with some of being a bit more of an introvert or an extrovert.

While social introvert definition is usually wrong and out of point, one part is right: it is a bad thing to be an introvert, only if you are 100% introvert.

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