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Treatment For Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental diseases in the 21st century and it can be seen in people of all ages, including children and old people. It is one of those diseases, which fortunately can be cured but unfortunately, like most diseases, the longer it stays, the harder it becomes to defeat it. So, if you think that you, your friend or your family member has some kinds of social phobias and anxiety, or if it begins to kick in, then you should take necessary steps to combat it as soon as possible before it becomes a too big problem and require massive care.

There are many things that can cause social anxiety and there are many signs that proves a person has social anxiety. First of all, you need to be able to identify people with social anxiety & phobias, you need to know social anxiety traits that will help you to effectively detect social anxiety and don’t confuse it with just lack of confidence or shyness. For this reason, first of all, let’s begin with symptoms of social anxiety.

Common symptoms and traits of social anxiety disorder

As shy people usually have less confidence and are less open, it can be often confusing for non-professional to actually understand whenever a person is too shy or whenever that person has a social anxiety disorder. So, here are some common symptoms and signs that will help you to different social anxiety disorder from shyness and lack of confidence.

1)Worrying too much

Worrying in specific situations such as first date or first time doing something in front of many people is normal and very common in all people, however, if a person worries about everything, everyday events and feels nervous all the time, then this is a strong signal that this person has social anxiety.

2)Too much shyness with new people

Some people feel a bit shy naturally when meeting with new people, this is also okay to feel a bit nervous when meeting new people, especially new people, but if someone is always nervous about meeting new people, even avoids events because of a lot of strangers and fears meetings where he/she has to meet new people, then this can be another very strong sign that this person has social anxiety disorder.

3)Unnatural physical behaviours

Another sign of social phobia and anxiety is unnatural physical behaviours in simple, daily events. Of course, it is natural to be sweating if something unusual is happening and you don’t feel too usual by it, but sweating or shaking during normal, daily events such as walking in a street or waiting for a bus is not perfectly normal.

4)Fear of communication

If someone fears to start a conversation with certain someone, or if someone is a bit nervous to be around someone he/she likes, that is fine, but being afraid to communicate with most people, including your colleagues, classmates, friends and neighbors, people who you know and meet frequently is not fine and shows signs of social anxiety.

Common causes for social anxiety disorder

Now that you know how to differentiate social anxiety disorder from normal life event & feelings, it is time to know what could be common reasons for this disease and what are major causes.

Actually, it is hard to mention all factors and cases that can cause social anxiety as there are just too many events in life that can cause it, but here are some common ones:

1)Personality & temper

People with a more closed, shy personality and lack of self-confidence and faith tend to develop social anxiety.

2)A negative experience in life

People who had some very negative experiences in life like bullying in school or rejection from friends may also develop social anxiety in often cases.

3)Isolation from people

People who live isolated from other people or have lack of communication also have high chances to trigger social anxiety.

How to overcome social anxiety disorder

To overcome social anxiety disorder when it is new is easy, but unfortunately, most people start to combat it just when they realize they are already living with it for just too long and it is time to end this.

Fortunately, social anxiety is a kind of mental disease which you may overcome on your own, but if it is going on for a long time, your best move would be to visit a doctor.

Most common ways to overcome social anxiety are medicine, facing your fears and psychology sessions. Which one you will choose completely depends on your needs and preferences, just remember, if one is not working, the other will still work.